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同主题阅读:Complete Idiot's Guide (转载)
[版面:经济] [首篇作者:choi] , 2009年04月27日15:36:25
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发信人: choi (choi), 信区: Economics
标 题: Complete Idiot's Guide (转载)
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Mon Apr 27 15:36:25 2009)

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发信人: choi (choi), 信区: Taiwan
标 题: Complete Idiot's Guide
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Mon Apr 27 15:24:07 2009)

to Current Financial Crisis; A Chinese Genius Named David Li.

The above is the title and subtitle of my posting.

(1) Sam Jones, Of Couples and Copulas. Financial Times (FT), Apr. 25, 2009.

(a) Captions to the two photographs in the print edition:
(i) "Lovestruck Johnny Cash died a few months after his wife June Carter (
pictured here in 1970). In David Li's formula, broken hearts are like broken

(ii) (a photograph of an old, ordinary couple standing together):
Interdependence Death from a broken heart is easier to predict than market

(b) Excerpts in two windows of the print edition:
(i) "Li's default formula could capture binary outcomes such as life or
death but, in the *** world or mortgages and economics, it faltered.
(ii) "Research showed that in the year after a loved one's death, women were
more than twice as liely to die than normal, and men more than six times.

(2) Notes to the FT article:
(a) Distinguish "copula" in the title with "cupola."

For the former, see
Copula (statistics)

(b) The love story of Johnny Cash and June Carter was depicted in the 2005
movie Walk The Line.

(c) Xiang Lin Li 李祥林,江苏连云港人. See
David X. Li

My comment: Wikipedia is quick: The FT report is refenence No.1 here. The
Wall Street Journal report, referred to in the FT report, is reference No. 4
. Another article the FT report talked about is

Cathal Kelly, Meet the man whose big idea felled Wall Street; Math whiz
proposed applying this statistical formula to credit risk, and financial
meltdown ensued. Toromnto Star, Mar. 18, 2009.

(d) Université Laval
("founded in 1663 by Monseigneur François de Laval")

My comment: Compare with Harvard University taht was founded in 1636 by the
colonial Massachusetts legislature)

(e) University of Waterloo is a public university founded in 1957.
(f) Markov chain

(3) Vocabulary to the FT article:
(a) The noun actuary is translated as 精算師 in Taiwan.
(b) The adjective "Francophone" in "Francophone Quebec" means "rench
(c) To "twiddle one's thumbs" means to "do nothing, be idle." To "twiddle"
is to "turn about lightly or idly, especially with the fingers."
(d) The verb to "explode" in "explode the notion" is defined as to "cause to
be rejected, discredit, disprove."
(e) The noun "widowhood" is defined as "the state or a period of a widow or,
sometimes, a widower." The latter (widower) is the sense used in the FT
(f) The noun "lemma" is "a subsidiary proposition introduced in proving some
other propositions.
(g) The British adjective "bespoke" means "custom-made"--e.g. a bespoke
(h) The noun pinprick is defined as "1. any minute puncture made by a pin 2
. a negligible irritation or anoyance."
(i) The noun "outlier" means "a person or thing taht lies outside."

(d) My comment to the flap: It is unfair to blame Dr. David X. Li. I am a biologist by training. Some accused Aristotle of many incorrect observations and theories that hindered the science for two millennia, until the end of the Dark Ages. My teacher in Taiwan said one should not blindly follow any person, any theory.


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发信人: fku0000 (fku), 信区: Economics
标 题: Re: Complete Idiot's Guide (转载)
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: 发信人: choi (choi), 信区: Taiwan
: 标 题: Complete Idiot's Guide
: 发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Mon Apr 27 15:24:07 2009)

it is typically helpful to provide your points quick in a discussion,
especially when you are posting large volume of garbage.


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